A glass shower screen on a bath is a great way to limit splash, without the dated look of a shower curtain, and will offer greater protection from water leaks.

The two main choices comprise of a fixed glass panel or a hinged panel. The fixed panel is simply one piece of glass attached to the wall and the edge of the bath. The hinged panel allows you to further limit the spray of water. It is also possible to use a sliding door. Consult Metro or your glass merchant to discuss the details.

The first section of glass is fixed to the wall; it is rigid and does not move. Another glass screen is hinged to this, which can be folded back for access to the bath and taps. The benefit of this design is that the fixed section of glass is silicone-sealed to the wall and bath. This arrangement creates a water tight barrier in the area most susceptible to leaks, while allowing the convenience of the folding screen for access.

Metro EzyClean is available for this product, click here to find out more.

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