GlassSlide MF250 – Heavy Duty Sliding Door

(Top Hung)

The GlassSlide MF250 is designed for 10 and 12mm TEMPAFLOAT® Toughened Safety Glass doors up to a maximum weight of 250kg. It can be modified for thicker glass and SAFELITE® EVA or SAFELITE® STF (Sentry®) Toughened Laminated Structural Glass (TLSG) and can be used for internal applications and selected sheltered external applications.

The top track is 50 x 50mm anodised aluminium and the hangers have a forged body and Nylon wheels with chrome steel roller bearings. Door rails are aluminium with natural anodised or stainless steel or polished stainless steel cover plates and the floor guide is a cast body with adjustable nylon walls. The bottom floor mount channel option uses anodised aluminium to suit nylon rollers or with a polypropylene insert for metal rollers.

Typically, the MF250 is used for single sliding doors with or without a glass side panel. The door has a top rail that houses the roller carriage adjustable in height from 12 to 20mm.

Frameless Commercial Doors - GlassSlide MF250 – Heavy Duty Sliding Door